Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This past weekend was another rough one for sure! Lincoln started sneezing and coughing on Saturday and we just thought he must have a little cold. In the middle of the night he felt a little warm so I gave him some Tylenol and everything seemed fine. On Sunday, he was acting fine so we decided to head to Riverton for a birthday party for Travis' nephew. Just as we were getting to Bountiful Travis looked back at Lincoln and he was having a seizure! We both started freaking out and Travis pulled over. We called 911 and headed toward the ER at Lakeview Hospital. I think Travis was almost going 100 mph. I can't think of a more disturbing image then seeing your little baby in a seizure and I don't want to! At the hospital they gave him some chest x-rays and decided he has Pneumonia. So, we got his medicine and spent the night at Travis' parents house (we are still homeless at the moment). We just had Lincoln in a little Pack-n-play next to our bed and he woke up about every hour. Around 5:00 a.m., Travis just jumped out of bed and ran to Lincoln and he was having another seizure. We called 911 again and the paramedics came and made sure he was okay. I still don't know how Travis woke up, because Lincoln wasn't making any noise. It was just like he knew something was wrong. I guess when it really matters the spirit doesn't mess around! So now, Lincoln is starting to feel better. I guess when he is sick he just spikes fevers really fast, so we have to be really careful to keep him on Tylenol even if he just has a cold. Luckily, there is no permanent damage, and hopefully it won't happen again. I for one, am tired. But once again, feel grateful that it wasn't anything worse.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This past week has been nothing but an emotional, crazy, exhausting, roller coaster! Poor Travis, I am pretty sure that I cried at least once a day if not more (okay, maybe a lot more!). We moved out of our lovely little house, which I adored (didn't realize how much I adored it until we left), and moved in to Travis' grandmas basement until we can find a new house. Here's a little tip for all of you girls out there whose husbands may come home one day and say "I found a place where we can live while we look for a new house. It has three bedrooms, a family room, and a bathroom. This way, we can take as long as we want while we look for our new house." Sounds reasonable, right? Ok, so here's where the little tip comes in, DO NOT agree to anything until you have actually seen it. I mean it. I learned the hard way, and that's all I'm going to say about it! Ok, so back to my adorable little house that we just left. I have been thinking about so many memories and things that I learned while living there. Here are a few of my faves in no particular order...

*We had a BABY while living in that house! I learned to be a mother and it was really really hard! I spent many nights rocking back and forth with my little newborn trying to figure out what the heck I was doing!

*I learned what JOY was. Really, it sounds cheesy, but I didn't know until little Lincoln boy graced us with his presence.

*I painted that entire house at least twice, and the bathroom 4 times. As a result, Travis never wants to paint anything again....anything....ever.

*I met a lot of great neighbors that quickly became friends. I will really miss so many of you.

*I remember so many nights Travis and I would walk around the park talking about all of our BIG plans and ideas for the future. We talked about how wierd it would be when we had kids...now we almost have two....what the.....!

Good bye little house, we will miss you. I hope those new people will take good care of you. Especially your yard (it really needs it).