Thursday, July 30, 2009

All about Lincoln

Lincoln is at such a fun age now. He is doing and saying all sorts of crazy things, and he makes me laugh all of the time. Here is a list of things I want to remember about him at this age...

*He says an enthusiastic "hi" to strangers at the store. It's so fun to see peoples reaction, and they can't help but smile. Some people try to ignore him, but when they do he just keeps on saying it.

*He loves to "help" mommy and daddy with everything! He especially loves to help with the laundry. He sits on top of the washer and I hand him the dirty clothes and he throws each item in the water. He loves to name what each article of clothing is too (mommy's shirt, daddy's shorts, etc.). He also loves to sweep and mop, which means he drags the broom and map all over the house. He is a BIG helper! I just hope he still loves to help when he actually knows how to do it!

*He LOVES to take baths. As soon as we say the word he starts taking off his clothes and running in circles so excited. Wouldn't if be funny if we all reacted that way to our morning showers?

*He counts to 10. About six months ago Travis started counting to ten to distract him while he changed his diaper. Now, he loves to count, and it is still a good distraction!

*He absolutely HATES to get his face washed and nose wiped. I have to chase him around the house and wrestle him to hold still and let me do it. It is always very traumatic.

*He LOVES reading books and doing puzzles. We read the same books over and over, sometimes 10 times a day. He doesn't get sick of them. Also, he loves his puzzles. He is getting pretty good at them too!

*He LOVES to dance to "Love Lockdown" by Kanye West. Travis will turn it on for him and he goes nuts. He jumps and spins and runs around the couch. It's a great way to wear him out! I would post the cute video of him dancing, but Travis won't have it because he is dancing too...

*He calls me monny.

*He loves watching Special Agent Oso.

*His favorite thing to eat in the morning is oatmeal. He eats the whole bowl in like 30 seconds and then wants to help me finish my cereal.
*He LOVES juice. We can't go anywhere without his sippy cup of juice. If I forget it Travis and I really regret it. He will say "juice" over and over. I try to explain to him that we will get it when we get home. He says "otay" and then starts all over again with the "juice" whining. The boy needs his drinks. He is just like his dad.

*He thinks the entire world revolves around him, and the truth is mine does! He is so much fun, and keeps me laughing all the time. However, I must admit I do love nap time, and when 8:00 p.m. rolls around, I am not complaining!
What a funny little guy.