Wednesday, June 11, 2008

He's Crazy!

Lincoln is officially everywhere! He started crawling on May 26 and hasn't stopped moving since! If I'm not watching him every second he is doing one of many things including, tumbling down the stairs (that hurt!), eating every little speck of anything from the floor, chasing Bosco in attempts to rip off his tail (poor Bosco, it's payback time!), Climbing stairs and heading straight for the dog food, and standing up on anything that has a semi hard surface. He is at such a fun age, but it is definitely a lot of work trying to keep up with him! He is at least rewarding us with a lot more smiles and giggles. That's what makes it all worth it! Here are a few pictures of some of our highlights.




Uh, oh! Busted!

Run Bosco, RUN!!