Friday, October 17, 2008

Angels in the Out Field

Aaaaah, the memories...
Me and glad you were there!

There he is...A-Rod himself, Oh wait it's Travis...hard to tell the difference!

My new friend Nicole...Love her!

So last Tuesday our softball season ended. I made it! I, Margie Virginia Peterson was on an athletic team. I have to say, there were a few times that my bat actually connected with the ball! However, there are also a few times that my bat did not connect with the ball. I don't think I ever caught the ball at any time all season, but I did have some fun moments. I met a new friend (Nicole!), and got to hang out with my old friend (Melanie!). I don't think I will be playing on a team again due to my uncoordination, lack of throwing ability, lack of catching ability and unfailing need to pee everytime I run (thank you Lincoln!). That about covers it. I'm pretty sure nobody will be disapointed by that. However, I do think the right field at Barnes park just might miss me. The unfortunate thing is that occasionally a ball does come flying into right field. Luckily, I will no longer be there to miss it. Thanks for the memories! Maybe I will talk Travis into taking ballroom dancing lessons or something......maybe not.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Photo Shoot with Sweet {Yesterdays} Photography

Last week we had a little photo shoot with Annie West ( She did such a great job! We could not be more happy with our pictures. She is so CREATIVE and FUN! I loved all the pictures, it is so hard to choose. Thank you so much, Annie, you are so TALENTED!